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A cloud based solution should be scalable, reliable, fast, and easy to use. It's more than a single server that someone decided to sell as a "cloud." A true cloud uses the fastest hardware, coupled with a far-reaching network. The cloud should make everything easier, and transparent.

Cloud Server





You need the fastest, most robust cloud platform in the industry. Trust the Total Server Solutions High Performance Cloud Platform. Fast, reliable, and scalable. We guarantee performance! Try it, today.


How do we make our cloud & managed cloud so fast?

Our cloud hosting boasts the highest levels of performance in the industry. The storage infrastructure of our cloud solution utilizes Solid Fire hardware. We tested equipment from several manufacturers and found that Solid Fire was the only one able to provide the high performance levels we demanded.

The Total Server Solutions Cloud, with its SolidFire SSD based SAN storage backend is able to provide lOPS levels that are unmatched by virtually any other cloud hosting provider. If you've got a database heavy application, or just need the highest levels of performance for your project, our cloud is for you.


SSD Based

All of the storage in our cloud uses SSD storage. Why do we use SSD based storage? In a word, speed. The storage that powers our cloud is fast, seriously fast. We engineered our cloud solution with speed in mind and SSD lets us provide you with the guaranteed levels of performance that you demand.


Guaranteed lOPS

lOPS stands for Input/Output Operations Per Second and it's the key measurement in benchmarking the performance of storage systems such as hard drives, SSD based storage, and SAN storage.

Input/Output Operations Per Second

IOPS Graph
Connect to the Cloud
Connect to the Cloud Connect to the Cloud

Connecting the Cloud...

Fast storage is just the first part of a high performance cloud. The next piece of the puzzle is lightning fast connectivity within the storage infrastructure. Our high performance cloud storage is SAN based. What that means is that the speed and power of all of our SSD storage is brought together. All that power is harnessed for your project so your never slow down.

The backbone of a powerful SAN is fast network connectivity between all the nodes. Connectivity in this case, comes from the fastest networking equipment available. Our SAN is interconnected with Arista networking equipment. As with our storage solution, our engineers investigated solutions from a myriad of hardware suppliers. After weeks of testing the decision was made to utilize equipment from Arista. It was the only solution that was able meet the stringent connectivity specifications laid out by our engineering & executive management teams.

All of our SAN nodes connect to the network using bonded 1 Og ports. What that means is that each node can connect to the Internet at 20 gigabits. Inside the cloud, where keeping speed high is absolutely crucial to ensuring the highest levels of performance, connectivity is even faster. 80 gigabits fast to be precise.

This is some of the fastest connectivity available. It's what helps make the TSS Cloud one of the fastest cloud deployments that you'll find anywhere!

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The Cloud

The Cloud Grows With You

Until now, if you needed a powerful solution for your project, a dedicated server has been the most effective solution. While powerful, an entire server did not allow you to adjust your resource capacity as your needs changed. With a server, you have the resources installed in the server, which can be great, or it can be a choke point. Things are different with our cloud. Your resources are available on-demand. As your needs change, the resources available to you can grow or shrink as needed.

A proper cloud scales to YOUR needs. Your project will grow. Your business will grow. The resources you need to succeed will grow. As every project continues and user bases increase, the need to provide the same fast, smooth experience remains. The only way to do this is by increasing the resources available.

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Scale Seamlessly with Guaranteed Resources

Our cloud makes it easy to scale to your exact needs. Do you need more storage? No problem. How 'bout more RAM or CPU power? Easy. Increasing cloud resources is instant and absolute. We guarantee the resources you need, when you need them. We guarantee the resources that you need. The TSS Cloud lets you get all the power you need, when you need it. You never compete for resources with other users.

Scalability Graph

Use     Available Resources

As your needs increase, the amount of system resources you require also increases. The problem happens when your resource requirements outpaces the available resources on your server. That's where the cloud comes in. Our cloud can automatically increase the resources available to you as you need them. Then, if demand on your material tapers off, our cloud can adjust resource usage down to the levels at which your project continues to perform perfectly. On-demand scalability is what keeps you running strong, no matter what.

TSS Cloud Power

Harness the Power of our CDN

Our cloud platform gives you all the speed you can ask for. But, your customers and viewers are scattered across the globe. What's the best and easiest way to keep your content flowing? The answer is the Total Server Solutions CDN. Our CDN has globe spanning reach and helps your content get to its destinations quicker and easier than anything out there. It's the final piece in the puzzle to help you deliver your content anywhere, any time.

Cloud & CDN Working Together

As the amount of content required for your site to load increases, so does the load time. If you're not utilizing the power of a CDN to help server your content, you're wasting time. More importantly, you're wasting the time of your viewers. As load time increases, engagement decreases. This is especially true of ecommerce transactions. As the load times for your site or your shopping cart increase, cart abandonment and cancelled transaction rates soar.

The graphs here show an approximation of various site components and how load times decrease when content is served from our CDN rather from a single central server. As you can see, there is a dramatic decrease in load time. This leads to happier viewers, fewer abandoned carts, and more completed transactions!

Our CDN is your secret weapon to improve speed & engagement

If you're using the Total Server Solutions CDN your content loads MUCH faster. Copies of your content are stored at nodes across the CDN so that where ever your viewers are, they're close to one of our nodes, and close to your content.

The same customer is viewing your site. This time though, you're utilizing our CDN to help serve your data. The same complex, content-heavy site is being passed through our CDN with data stored near your viewer.

Your viewer no longer has to connect to a server half way across the continent to get what they need. Instead, they connect to a node that's much closer to them. The content they need is served quickly. They complete more purchases, and you profit!