Performance Infrastructure

Our services form the backbone of our infrastructure.

A true hosting platform.

At Total Server Solutions we're never content to merely offer service plans that exist within a vacuum. Since our inception we have always focused on a holistic approach to the range of services we offer to our customers. Each of our services is engineered to work with our other products and services to bring to life a highly polished, well built hosting platform.

Engineered for performance.

A lot of other providers just throw a bunch of plans and packages on to their site and start selling them with little thought or understanding of how they will be used. We do things differently here at Total Server Solutions. From the outset, our goal was to bring together some of the best, most high performance technologies and package them to be used together. On this page you will find an overview of everything that we offer as well as what services can work together to help you achieve maximum performance and the finest hosting experience possible.

What makes up the platform?

Our platform is a combination of our services, products, and infrastructure all working together as one. The globe spanning network that Total Server Solutions has engineered connects all of our datacenter locations. It lets the servers we provision for our customers gain fast routes anywhere in the world. Our infrastructure enables our cloud to realize performance that other providers can only dream about. The infrastructure brings power and reach to our customers. Our infrastructure is so comprehensive and robust that many other top tier providers rely on our network to keep them up and running.

We build solutions.

We provide a performance infrastructure and thoughtfully engineered services that function as a whole. Our solutions are different, innovative, and responsive.

High Performance Cloud

High Performance Cloud

We engineered our cloud to be fast, reliable, and scalable. There are a lot of providers out there that claim to provide cloud solutions, but ours is one of the only ones with true guaranteed performance. Backed by our SolidFire SAN system we can guarantee storage performance that is unbeatable. Coupled with our globally redundant Content Delivery Network the cloud is ready to power through any challenge you can throw at it.

  • Guaranteed speed & performance.
  • Flexible.
  • Scalable.
  • 100% SSD based storage.
  • Guaranteed IOPS
  • High performance back end connectivity with Arista networking equipment.
  • Available in Atlanta & Phoenix.
Bare Metal Servers

Bare Metal Servers

Bare metal servers have been a cornerstone of our offerings since the company began. Our team has vast knowledge in setting up, servicing, and optimizing high performance equipment for our customers. If you demand your own equipment that you have 100% control over, our servers are for you.

  • Fully managed and backed by our team of expert admins.
  • We use the latest, cutting-edge hardware and equipment.
  • Supported by our robust power and network infrastructure.
  • You get 100% control over your equipment.
  • Completely dedicated resources available exclusively to you.
  • Integrates with our CDN & Cloud for unrivaled power..
  • Servers are available across our wide range of datacenter locations.

Content Delivery Network

Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) helps get your content closer to your viewers & customers. By strategically locating infrastructure components throughout the world, your content can be replicated across the CDN. What this means is that when someone one the other side of the world views your content, they're viewing it from somewhere close to their location. This speeds up load time and increases visitor engagement.

  • Speed - Your content gets to its intended viewers quickly, regardless of location.
  • Redundancy - By replicating your content across the CDN you can realize improved uptime and increased fault tolerance.
  • Improve SEO - Search engines take load times and site speed into account when ranking sites. By making your content load faster a CDN helps improve your page ranks.
  • Increased conversion - A slow e-commerce site is a dead e-commerce site. Your customers want to be able to purchase items quickly and easily, if they're not waiting around for your content, they're buying.
E-Commerce Hosting

E-Commerce Webhosting

We know what it takes to help e-commerce site owners succeed. You need your site to be up and running so your customers can buy. Our e-commerce webhosting services have been engineered for maximum performance and total security. We have a deep understanding of many shopping cart applications and and we even provide hosted services to several of the top shopping cart developers. When you're ready for an e-commerce solution that can grow with you and provide great performance, we can help.

  • 100% SSD based storage for fantastic performance.
  • Fully PCI compliant.
  • Full support for Magento, X-Cart, Pinnacle Cart, CS-Cart, and all other shopping cart applications.
  • Unlimited bandwidth on our global network.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Backup services available.
  • Great value for money.
  • Integrates perfectly with our CDN service so you can get great reach and performance, even on a budget.
System Management

*NIX Server Management

Since our beginning, we have focused heavily on helping server owners. Our *NIX Server Management plans let you gain exclusive access to our highly experienced team of knowledgeable technicians and system admins. We monitor and proactively take care of many common and complex issues. Our goal is to keep your server up and running fast, no matter what.

  • We work with virtually any server.
  • Available on servers outside of our facilities.
  • 30 minute or less response time (our techs normally reply in less than 10 minutes).
  • Up to 30 minutes exclusive time with our tech team per month.
  • An assortment of plans are available to suit your needs.
  • Much, much more...
Windows Management

Windows Server Management

We can manage your Windows based server environment too. Windows administration requires a very different set of skills compared to *NIX management, but our Windows technicians are highly experienced, knowledgeable, and ready to help solve your problems. You can trust our Windows management team to get your server sorted and running at peak performance in no time.

  • Up to 10 hours of support time per month.
  • Service monitoring included.
  • Available on servers outside or inside our facilities.
  • Planned patching cycles.
  • Complex problem solving for Microsoft based products.
  • 30 minute or less response time (our techs normally reply in less than 10 minutes).
  • Full security hardening.
  • Internap FCP to control and route traffic.
  • Much, much more...
Load Balancing

Load Balancing

If you utilize multiple servers across our infrastructure, it's critical that they're all carrying equal load and handling equal numbers of requests. Our load balancing plans utilizing F5 load balancing equipment let you increase the lifetime of your equipment and maximize performance across your servers. With our load balancing plans, you are able to make certain that each of your servers shares in the work load. This keeps any single server from becoming overburdened and keeps your entire system running smoothly.

  • We use F5 load balancing equipment, it's the best there is.
  • Spread the work across your servers.
  • Purchase plans based on the number of simultaneous connections you need.
  • Increase server lifecycle.
  • Improve performance.

DDoS Protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a fact of life on the Internet. Our DDoS protection services help you stay one step ahead of the bad guys by blocking their attacks before they can even get to your content. After much research and testing we have partnered with Staminus to provide industrial strength DDoS protection and mitigation to our customers.

  • Protection built on Staminus technology.
  • Plans based on the amount of clean traffic you need.
  • Keep the bad guys from disrupting your sites.
E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions

Offering e-commerce capable hosting is not enough. You can trust Total Server Solutions to get you set up with best of breed software to handle all of your e-commerce challenges. We offer full support for many of the most popular shopping cart applications as well as merchant accounts and PCI scanning services. Our e-commerce solutions are just what you need.

  • Full Magento support.
  • Full support for X-Cart.
  • Full support for Pinnacle Cart.
  • PCI compliance scanning.
  • Everything you need to power your e-commerce site.
SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are key to establishing and maintaining secure, encrypted connections across the Internet. When you purchase SSL Certificates from Total Server Solutions, you show your customers that you're serious about their security. Enabling the lock symbol within browse windows is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make sure that your customers purchase and don't abandon their carts.

  • Up to 256 bit encryption.
  • Browser site seal.
  • Universal browser compatibility.
  • Quick issuance times.
  • Guaranteed secure.
  • Many certificates from which to choose.

Software Licenses

It's not enough to just provide great hardware and infrastructure, your solution needs the latest software to run it. Trust Total Server Solutions to provide you with great software licenses at the right price. We offer everything you need to get your business up and running and updates to keep it all safe and secure. We offer an array of software licenses to get you rolling.

  • Softaculous.
  • cPanel.
  • Windows.
  • KSplice.
  • R1Soft.
  • Fantastico.
  • Cloud Linux.
  • Microsoft SQL.
Developer Resources

Developer Resources

You've got the next big thing. You know it, and we know it. Our developer resources are designed to help you make it big. You get access to our rock solid infrastructure during crucial phases of your development and release cycle. Let us help you get your project to the next level!

  • Code & develop your project.
  • Alpha phase testing on Total Server Solutions infrastructure.
  • Closed beta testing on Total Server Solutions infrastructure.
  • Fully live production environment on our infrastructure.
  • Fully UPS & generator backed power
  • Free!


Whatever you need, Total Server Solutions can help! Our team of expert system admins, technicians, and data center operations gurus have been around a long time. We’re ready to put our years of knowledge to work for you.



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